5 Ways to Keep to Your New Year Resolution


Every year we make plans to work on areas of our lives that we are not content with. Some of us make goals to lose weight or to stop procrastination but we do not come up with realistic plans on how to achieve those goals. We set goals such as the goal to lose 20 pounds in two months but do not strategically plan on the steps that one must take to make those goals a reality.

Goals are set with the desire to improve those areas of our lives that we are not comfortable with.  If goals are set, but never met, setting them is pointless. The best way to achieve your goals is to set plans to achieve those goals.

  • Start it on a Trial Basis: You do not have to jump into a new routine or new behavior overnight. People do not change overnight nor do they quit habits without some hesitations and relapses in behavior. Many of those who attempt to quit smoking cigarette tend to use other crutches and substitutes. At times those substitutes are not always the healthiest option. Trying different methods to achieve your goal can be beneficial to determining what works best for you.
  • Determine what you’re really Working For: Look into your life and determine what areas need improvement opposed to one thing that you dislike. If every year you set the goal to quit smoking but you never do, you are already entering the situation negatively because you may begin to have thoughts about how you were unsuccessful with obtaining this particular task previously. Instead, focus on getting healthy. Getting healthy consist of several components such as exercise, eating, sleep habits, financial etc. This way you are able to tackle smaller goals which will work with obtaining your overall goal.
  • Put It in Writing: Don’t try to memorize everything. Hold yourself responsible by placing your goals in writing and signing the document. You should include not only the goals which you wish to obtain, but you should also include the steps you need to take in order to reach larger goals. Focusing on the steps that you need to take to get to your final destination is an important step in accomplishing set goals. Once you have completed your goals, list and sign your document. By signing the document you are making a contract with yourself to be successful.
  • Review Your Progress: Keep track of your overall progress to determine how you are coming along with completing all goals. Check off things as they are completed. Review your list on a weekly basis. Determine which tasks are not being completed and determine the reason why you have not yet reached your goal. Is it because the goal was not realistic? Is it your approach? Whatever the reason, it is up to you to determine what needs to change to get the end results you desire.
  • Celebrate You: When you reach your goals there’s no reason why you shouldn’t acknowledge all that you have accomplish. You may decide to come up with a system that you reward yourself by going to the spa after you complete five tasks successfully. The reasoning for the reward system is to encourage further positive behaviors by positive rewards. People tend to seek gratification in various ways after they believed they have done a job well. For example when you’re in a relationship, you seek gratification from your spouse when you take out the trash. You in return may want breakfast cooked daily by your mate as an appreciation for the work you have done. Or as an employee who devotes several loyal hours to your company, you look for gratification from your employer in the form of a promotion. People then feel encouraged to continue to complete expected tasks.


When we are dealing with self-set goals, the only person whom you have to answer to for your actions or lack of your actions is yourself. If you do not choose to obtain what you choose to have the most by putting forth actions, you will never achieve it.


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