Appreciate & Cherish Things That You Do Have

CherishWe often think of the things that we wished that we had such as a bigger home, a different mate or more money. We tend not to cherish what we do have such as a home with great potential, a mate that works to provide a shelter or having the money to take care of many of your daily needs. Having more money does not always eliminate these wishes. Those whom are substantially financially stable also encounter the same stresses to maintain what they do have as they struggle to increase their bank accounts.

Practice Gratitude

Gratitude is being thankful for any and all gifts that are received regardless of the size or the amount that they cost as well as events and actions that occur regardless of how simple the task may have been. As you perform daily task such as walking down the street even though you may wish that you had a car. In that situation you can be grateful that you have the ability to walk since not many of us can or being grateful you have an ending destination no matter how glamorous it may or may not be.

Talk to Someone Who is Lacking What You Have

You may have found yourself complaining that your car is old and beat up and how the air conditioner is broken. At times you may have even said how you wish you had the money for the latest model of a high luxury vehicle with all the bells and whistles included. But have you ever stop and talked to that person who was waiting an hour for the bus in the middle of a hot summer day? Though your air conditioning is broken you will still have reached your destination in a much faster time in the comfort of your own vehicle opposed to the bus rider whom may or may not find an available seat amongst strangers.

Taking into consideration of what you have opposed to what others do not will aide in helping you to cherish all that you do have. Even if you were to lose your vehicle tomorrow you will gain a far new respect on what it is not to have any vehicle. You will then in return cherish the next vehicle you do obtain.


The best way to receive positivity is to do positive things. Did you just receive a raise at work that you weren’t expecting? Donate a portion to a charity or a friend in need. Giving to those who are in need allows you to appreciate the fact that you were fortunate enough to assist someone when they needed it.  

 So always Appreciate & Cherish Things That You Do Have


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