Dec 09

Finding Direction in Your Life

As the year 2014 comes to an end and we are entering into 2015, many of us are looking to set and begin our New Year’s resolutions. Deciding what goal to set may be a difficult task especially for those who may be having a difficult time finding the needed direction in their life to fulfill those goals.

Listed below are some steps you can follow to find direction in your life which will assist you in your goals throughout the entire year.

1) Determine what it is that you want out of life. You may have several ideas of what you would like to accomplish. Until you have sat down and decide what it is that you truly want, you will wander aimlessly, not really accomplishing everything that you can, to get where you ultimately want to be.

2) Take baby steps. If your goal is to run in a marathon and currently you can barely walk up a flight of stairs you may want to start by incorporating a walking routine into your daily activities. Eventually you will begin to feel comfortable enough to add light jogging into your routine and in no time your body would have strengthened enough to handle a marathon run. If you try to skip the steps needed to accomplish your goals, you may set yourself up for failure. Think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish and all the steps needed to successfully reach your dreams.

3) Don’t stress over time. Since we cannot change what happened yesterday your focus and energy should be placed on what can I do differently today. If you find that the time frame you have placed has passed, it’s okay to revise your plans as time passes. Focus more about what you can do today to better position yourself to accomplish your task.

4) Be accountable for your actions. It is always good to have a support system that will be able to cheer with you during your highs and cheer you up during your lows, but you also need to be accountable for your own actions. Reward yourself when you accomplish goals by placing incentives along the way of your journey.

5) Stay positive and keep an open mind. Don’t get discourage by the size of the workload or by the obstacles placed along the way during your journey. Be determined to accomplish your dreams. Don’t be closed off by any idea placed in front of you to accomplish those dreams. Do your research. After you have done your research, you will be able to determine if the idea is a feasible one or not.

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Dec 03

What is Prosperity?


Prosperity is considered a state in which one is thriving, flourishing and has found a combination of success or good fortune. Those whom have various degrees of independent wealth, occupied by health and happiness are also considered to have prosperity. In some cultures and religions, prosperity is associated with greed as well as spirituality and collectivism.  There are various points of views on how prosperity is measured and described. One theory is that economic growth is one factor that is used to measure prosperity. Others such as the Rocky Mountain Institute have been documented as having an alternate point of view. Their argument is that prosperity does not require growth. Their belief is that many of the problems that we face are from a result of growth. In order for one to receive a sustainable development, the idea that prosperity requires growth must no longer existence in your mind. 


Prosperity is known to play a role in the business world as well. The business cycle is a report of the economic activity throughout an extended period of time, including any fluctuations. The business cycle consists of three stages. In addition to prosperity the business cycle also reflects recession and recovery stages. It is debated on when is the beginning and ending of each stage. Some also recognize a fourth stage which is called depression. When referring to prosperity in the business cycle, it it described as a low level of employment. It is also stated that during a time in which the economy is prosperous, there is a high demand from consumers which increases the level of production and an increase of purchases made by the consumer. Another prosperity characteristic is extreme high levels of inflation.  


How to Achieve Prosperity?


1) Work on finding peace and prosperity for everyone, not just for yourself.

2) Everyday, attempt to perform at least one act to benefit and help those around you.

3) Rid yourself of negative feelings such as hate, envy, fear and doubt, and replace those feelings with feelings of love, devotion, peace and tranquility.

4) Don’t worry about the little things

5) Smile

6) Practice daily meditation

7) Show humility. No one knows everything. Be open to gain from other people knowledge and life experiences.

8) Be grateful for all that you have.


Many people do not live prosperous lives because they simply do not know what they really want in life. Be clear on what you want in life and then come up with a plan on how you will achieve what you want. A lot of times people will say that they want something in life but do not take action to achieve those goals. To live a prosperous life you must have faith that you will receive what you desire the most and the courage to take the steps to work towards your ultimate goal. Once you have decided to live a life full of prosperity, you have to be committed to reconditioning your actions and thought process.



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Dec 03

Learn How to Overcome Negativity


Learn How to Overcome Negativity

It is easy for negative encounters to trigger negative thoughts and later negative actions. Negative events such as National Disasters or unexpected accidents are unavoidable. These events can be unforeseen and can cause loss of faith. Negativity breeds negativity meaning that it is contiguous and can plague not just one’s mind but can cause a chain effect. Every day we are faced with negative people and situations however you can control those feelings in all situations.

Dealing with Negative People

In life we encounter all different types of people. There may be times that you may disagree with someone due to numerous reasons which then in returns creates a negative environment. It can be frustrating when someone does not treat you fairly, verbally abuses you or takes advantage of you. When dealing with negative people, don’t allow that person to feel as if they “won” and have any advantage or edge over you. Understand that the person is coming from an insecure place. People who do not find healthy ways to deal with their problems tend to take out their frustrations on others. It is their way of crying for help. Evaluate your relationship and decide if this is someone you want to continue to have in your life. If this is someone you want to strengthen your relationship with. Begin by looking beyond their actions to better understand why they behave the way that they do and then think of ways to possibly help them.

By choosing to surround yourself with positive people they influence your thoughts and actions positively.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

When situations occur which leaves you with negative feelings, it is easy for these feelings to linger and multiply. We cannot control the action but we can control the way we think about the situation and only with a positive attitude can we make wise and smart decisions. Because we are creators of habit, we tend to follow certain negative thought patterns that contains a underlying problem that needs to be overcame. Once the real issue is addressed you can finally stop certain negative thought patterns.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you begin to exchange your negative thoughts with positive ones you will begin to look at situations more optimistically.

So how do you overcome negativity and continue throughout your day without carrying around any negativity towards the situation or person?

Below are five tips on how to create your own  

Dealing with the Negativity on the News

The news is plastered with multiple killings, virus and natural disasters. It is played multiply times a day, repeated throughout the week, posted throughout social media and talked about around the water cooler at work. This can make anyone feel negative about the state of the world. A good solution that one can do is start by assisting those who may be in need of your help. Sometime we over analyze how should we start or what size of a gesture is too small.


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Dec 03

How to Attract What You Want

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Nov 19

How To Be Encouraging

                                                                                                           How to be Encouraging

FK_How to be Encouraging

Some people find it hard to be encouraging. When a loved one tells you something traumatic like they are suffering from an ailment or they announce the loss of a loved one. It is not because they do not genuinely care about the presented situation. It is more likely because many people feel uncomfortable by sad and tragic events especially discussed amongst those whom are close to them. When words are sincere and heartfelt, they can be powerful and meaningful to the recipient. Words can also uplift spirits, encourage and inspire. Words used in a negative matter can also cause pain, hurt and degrade. When you encourage someone you uplift them and at times your words can assist that person during a time of healing. Encouragement can make a difference in a whole society.

It is human nature to view the negative aspect in any situation, but it is only when we stop to view what is positive about the situation, that we will be able to lend our encouragement. If you are only able to focus on the negative aspects, you are allowing yourself and others to dwell in negative feelings and thoughts. Negative thoughts, unlike positive ones can quickly spiral out of control and plague your thoughts. Because we all can choose our thoughts; if you decide to think positively you have chosen to have a positive outlook on life. This will make it easier to provide encouragement to your family and friends.

How to Be Encouraging?

  • Complement those who provide excellent service: This will let them know that others notice that great work that they do which will encourage continued excellence.
  • Add encouraging words to your greetings when you’re introducing a friend: Next time you introduce your friends, start with a positive word such as “lovely” “creative” or “lively”
  • Celebrate accomplishments: Did you get an A on your term paper? Did your wife just get a promotion at work? Celebrate by grabbing a cup of fancy coffee at the expense coffee shop across town or go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.
  • Be present: Sometimes all someone needs is for you to be physically there. If a friend has invited you to an event that they are having, try your best to attend the event. If you’re unable to attend send a gift or a card to acknowledge their special occasion.
  • Put it in text: Write a letter or send an email or a text message to someone that needs encouraging words or has done something that you feel needs recognition.
  • Share what encourage you: It can be as small as a poem or songs, whatever inspires you share that with others. It may encourage that person to do an encouraging gesture.
  • Spread positive words: Don’t allow negative comments made by another derail your positive thinking. Replace negative comments made by others with encouraging words. Do not agree with those who are being negative towards themselves or their situation.



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