How To Be Encouraging

                                                                                                           How to be Encouraging

FK_How to be Encouraging

Some people find it hard to be encouraging. When a loved one tells you something traumatic like they are suffering from an ailment or they announce the loss of a loved one. It is not because they do not genuinely care about the presented situation. It is more likely because many people feel uncomfortable by sad and tragic events especially discussed amongst those whom are close to them. When words are sincere and heartfelt, they can be powerful and meaningful to the recipient. Words can also uplift spirits, encourage and inspire. Words used in a negative matter can also cause pain, hurt and degrade. When you encourage someone you uplift them and at times your words can assist that person during a time of healing. Encouragement can make a difference in a whole society.

It is human nature to view the negative aspect in any situation, but it is only when we stop to view what is positive about the situation, that we will be able to lend our encouragement. If you are only able to focus on the negative aspects, you are allowing yourself and others to dwell in negative feelings and thoughts. Negative thoughts, unlike positive ones can quickly spiral out of control and plague your thoughts. Because we all can choose our thoughts; if you decide to think positively you have chosen to have a positive outlook on life. This will make it easier to provide encouragement to your family and friends.

How to Be Encouraging?

  • Complement those who provide excellent service: This will let them know that others notice that great work that they do which will encourage continued excellence.
  • Add encouraging words to your greetings when you’re introducing a friend: Next time you introduce your friends, start with a positive word such as “lovely” “creative” or “lively”
  • Celebrate accomplishments: Did you get an A on your term paper? Did your wife just get a promotion at work? Celebrate by grabbing a cup of fancy coffee at the expense coffee shop across town or go out to eat at your favorite restaurant.
  • Be present: Sometimes all someone needs is for you to be physically there. If a friend has invited you to an event that they are having, try your best to attend the event. If you’re unable to attend send a gift or a card to acknowledge their special occasion.
  • Put it in text: Write a letter or send an email or a text message to someone that needs encouraging words or has done something that you feel needs recognition.
  • Share what encourage you: It can be as small as a poem or songs, whatever inspires you share that with others. It may encourage that person to do an encouraging gesture.
  • Spread positive words: Don’t allow negative comments made by another derail your positive thinking. Replace negative comments made by others with encouraging words. Do not agree with those who are being negative towards themselves or their situation.



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