Finding Direction in Your Life

As the year 2014 comes to an end and we are entering into 2015, many of us are looking to set and begin our New Year’s resolutions. Deciding what goal to set may be a difficult task especially for those who may be having a difficult time finding the needed direction in their life to fulfill those goals.

Listed below are some steps you can follow to find direction in your life which will assist you in your goals throughout the entire year.

1) Determine what it is that you want out of life. You may have several ideas of what you would like to accomplish. Until you have sat down and decide what it is that you truly want, you will wander aimlessly, not really accomplishing everything that you can, to get where you ultimately want to be.

2) Take baby steps. If your goal is to run in a marathon and currently you can barely walk up a flight of stairs you may want to start by incorporating a walking routine into your daily activities. Eventually you will begin to feel comfortable enough to add light jogging into your routine and in no time your body would have strengthened enough to handle a marathon run. If you try to skip the steps needed to accomplish your goals, you may set yourself up for failure. Think about what it is you’re trying to accomplish and all the steps needed to successfully reach your dreams.

3) Don’t stress over time. Since we cannot change what happened yesterday your focus and energy should be placed on what can I do differently today. If you find that the time frame you have placed has passed, it’s okay to revise your plans as time passes. Focus more about what you can do today to better position yourself to accomplish your task.

4) Be accountable for your actions. It is always good to have a support system that will be able to cheer with you during your highs and cheer you up during your lows, but you also need to be accountable for your own actions. Reward yourself when you accomplish goals by placing incentives along the way of your journey.

5) Stay positive and keep an open mind. Don’t get discourage by the size of the workload or by the obstacles placed along the way during your journey. Be determined to accomplish your dreams. Don’t be closed off by any idea placed in front of you to accomplish those dreams. Do your research. After you have done your research, you will be able to determine if the idea is a feasible one or not.

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