Learn How to Overcome Negativity


Learn How to Overcome Negativity

It is easy for negative encounters to trigger negative thoughts and later negative actions. Negative events such as National Disasters or unexpected accidents are unavoidable. These events can be unforeseen and can cause loss of faith. Negativity breeds negativity meaning that it is contiguous and can plague not just one’s mind but can cause a chain effect. Every day we are faced with negative people and situations however you can control those feelings in all situations.

Dealing with Negative People

In life we encounter all different types of people. There may be times that you may disagree with someone due to numerous reasons which then in returns creates a negative environment. It can be frustrating when someone does not treat you fairly, verbally abuses you or takes advantage of you. When dealing with negative people, don’t allow that person to feel as if they “won” and have any advantage or edge over you. Understand that the person is coming from an insecure place. People who do not find healthy ways to deal with their problems tend to take out their frustrations on others. It is their way of crying for help. Evaluate your relationship and decide if this is someone you want to continue to have in your life. If this is someone you want to strengthen your relationship with. Begin by looking beyond their actions to better understand why they behave the way that they do and then think of ways to possibly help them.

By choosing to surround yourself with positive people they influence your thoughts and actions positively.

Dealing with Negative Thoughts

When situations occur which leaves you with negative feelings, it is easy for these feelings to linger and multiply. We cannot control the action but we can control the way we think about the situation and only with a positive attitude can we make wise and smart decisions. Because we are creators of habit, we tend to follow certain negative thought patterns that contains a underlying problem that needs to be overcame. Once the real issue is addressed you can finally stop certain negative thought patterns.

Replace negative thoughts with positive ones. Once you begin to exchange your negative thoughts with positive ones you will begin to look at situations more optimistically.

So how do you overcome negativity and continue throughout your day without carrying around any negativity towards the situation or person?

Below are five tips on how to create your own  

Dealing with the Negativity on the News

The news is plastered with multiple killings, virus and natural disasters. It is played multiply times a day, repeated throughout the week, posted throughout social media and talked about around the water cooler at work. This can make anyone feel negative about the state of the world. A good solution that one can do is start by assisting those who may be in need of your help. Sometime we over analyze how should we start or what size of a gesture is too small.


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