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Topics Sheets:


“Cultural Diversity” 

“Remove Your Money Blocks”

“Transformation Training”




Florence’s Empowerment Message: 
“Find Knowledge to Start the Process of Change”


“I have been spending money since I started my business and not making profits. I attended one of Florence’s trainings. I felt the connection right away. She understood my situation because she has been there and knew how to solve my problem. I used her money blocks removing affirmation video along with her coaching. My thoughts and beliefs about money have change and I am making profit in my business.” ~Ramiro Anthony


Programs/Topics, but not limited to:

  • Receive the gift of “Awareness” self/culture – This is where the whole process of change begins. Something must change for new things to happen in life or business.
  • Understand and manage cultural diversity in the workplace. –America is a diversified multi-cultural country. Diversity tension among co-workers can cause stress, anxiety and unhealthy work environment. Diversity awareness will end cultural stereotypes and increase productivity.
  • Change your non-supportive habits/thoughts – Consciously choosing positive thoughts and habits will increase your focus more on solutions rather than complains and blames.
  • “You too can get rich” if you know how – You can become rich if you are cleared of your money blocks. What is money to you? Money issue is a matter of individual feelings and beliefs.


“Attending Florence Karp’s “Awareness” seminar was a blessing to me. It made me to understand that for things to change for me, I have to take the responsibility to change. Now I relate better with my family members and my co-workers.”

~Lisa Brown


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Target Audience, but not limited to:


Educational Institutes


Immigrant Assistance Agencies

Small Businesses

Corporate Executives

Women Entrepreneurs