This is a 7 Sessions transformational program designed to motivate prosperity conscious women…

Session 4- Develop New Habits: In session 4 of this groundbreaking prosperity coaching session, you will learn new habits to replace the old ones that have been holding you back. I will help you practice these habits so you can better focus on income generating activities.

Session 5: Tools To Motive Your Mind: In session 5, I will teach you the techniques of some key exercises which will essentially reprogram your mind so that it only produces positive thoughts. This in turn will allow you to conquer your fears and remain motivated along the path of reaching your financial goals.

Session 6: Daily Action Steps: In session 6, we will create an action plan to set up a schedule for your life. This will lead you to do what you want to do on a daily basis from setting small realistic goals to practicing motivational exercises.

Session 7: Celebrate Your Achievements: In this 7th and final session of this prosperity coaching course, I will teach you how to recognize every small accomplishment you achieve so that you can acknowledge it. It is very important to take the time to celebrate your successes so that you can build up your confidence, and keep going.

Special Gift: 

With the purchase of our prosperity coaching packages, you will receive instant access to a FREE download  of “My ChoiceAudio Book OR “My Choices Ebook  and daily uplifting prosperity pledge. These pledges are promises that you make to yourself as a sign of self-love which will allow you to be in alignment with your inner self, bringing forth abundance and prosperity.

Read Previous Sessions here:  Session 1 to 3

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