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Why this Program, “You Too Can Get Rich”?

MP900341892Almost everyone wants to live a prosperous life but not everyone actually does. You’ve heard of “the American Dream” before right? People from all around the world come to America because they believe only America can give them the prosperous life that they are seeking. However, there are so many Americans who haven’t reached prosperity themselves.


When you look around, you will see homes being foreclosed on, families struggling to get by and people searching for jobs with no luck. Over 11 million Americans are without a job. That is roughly 7.4% of the working population that cannot find employment. No job, equals no money to support yourself or your family.


Times are tough and you can never really be sure of how long your job security will last. If for no other reason, this should be motivational enough to grab the reins of your life and take control once and for all. To become prosperous, all you need is a little education and a whole lot of dedication.


Thank you Florence Karp, for your mentorship. I am able to identify my true passion. I am so happy living it and making money out of it. My life has changed for the better.”  ~Linda Dolce


Prosperity is Not Served on a Silver Platter

The truth is, prosperity isn’t something that falls onto your lap or just magically happens when you live in America. Instead, it is something that you must be committed and determined to work for and more importantly, know how to achieve. Most people aren’t prosperous because they simply don’t know what to do to get rich.


Sure it seems simple that in order to become rich you must make more money, but it’s not always that simple. You could increase the hours you work and cut back on your personal time but at what cost? In order to be truly prosperous, you can’t live your life just to work. True prosperity includes a well-rounded, satisfied life.



It’s EASY If You Know What To Do To Get Rich.

You’ve probably heard that it’s not easy to become rich and that it takes hard work. While it is true that it takes some inspired ACTION on your part, it is also easy to achieve – that is, if you know the RIGHT actions to take. Again, most people are not rich because they don’t know how to get rich and that’s what makes it so difficult.


So what if you were given the proper plan to follow? Well, with determination and a lot of motivation, you can become rich.


MP900341909There are TWO parts to getting rich:

  • Knowing how to get rich.
  • Following through with the process.


We get fooled into thinking that only those that get the best education or obtain high degrees can become rich. The fact of the matter is that ANYONE with ANY educational background can become rich as long as they know what steps to take! By following this prosperity plan, you too can become wealthy.



This program “You Too Can Get Rich” is designed to provide a tested and effective plan for anyone to become prosperous. It is a 7-Sessions transformational program designed to motivate prosperity conscious women to achieve the following goals.



Session 1- Uncover Your Divine Gifts

In the first session of this transformational program, “You Too Can Get Rich”, I will lead you down the path of self-empowerment.

Here you will learn how to identify and define what divine gifts mean to you so you can funnel them into a money-making career or business. By tapping into these natural abilities, you can reach your full potential and become financially independent.


Session 2- Clarify Your Money Blocks

In the second session of the “You Too Can Get Rich” prosperity coaching series, you will learn to develop healthy thoughts about money. After all, you can’t have a healthy relationship with money until you change the way you view it.

Here, you will gain all the skills and knowledge necessary to clear and overcome all of your limiting beliefs that are holding you back from making money. Once you change your mind set on money, you can begin to attract prosperity and abundance.


Session 3- Manage Your Time

In the third session of the “You Too Can Get Rich” prosperity coaching series, we will focus on the importance of managing your time. I will teach you strategies that will allow you to take control of your time and thus your life.

Here you will learn and develop skills to identify new opportunities so you can become more valuable to yourself while improving your net worth.


Session 4- Develop New Habits

In session 4 of this groundbreaking prosperity coaching session, you will learn new habits to replace the old ones that have been holding you back. I will help you practice these habits so you can better focus on income generating activities.


Session 5: Tools To Motive Your Mind

In session 5, I will teach you the techniques of some key exercises which will essentially reprogram your mind so that it only produces positive thoughts. This in turn will allow you to conquer your fears and remain motivated along the path of reaching your financial goals.


Session 6: Daily Action Steps

In session 6, we will create an action plan to set up a schedule for your life. This will lead you to do what you want to do on a daily basis from setting small realistic goals to practicing motivational exercises.


Session 7: Celebrate Your Achievements

In this 7th and final session of this prosperity coaching course, I will teach you how to recognize every small accomplishment you achieve so that you can acknowledge it. It is very important to take the time your successes so that you can build up your confidence, and keep going.


Still not sure if this Prosperity Coaching Program “You too can get rich” is for you?


If any of the following is true for you, then you can benefit tremendously from this program:

  • You are not making money doing what you love
  • You are overwhelmed and frustrated in your business
  • You want to overcome your money blocks 
  • You procrastinate, self-sabotage, and/or make excuses for yourself 
  • You want to learn new business skills that can help you reach your financial goals
  • You have been working on your business growth and have hit a wall
  • You realize that information alone is not enough to reach the prosperity change you want
  • You need someone to lead you, answer your questions and hold you accountable as you move along your business growth process


So if you are ready to finally live the prosperous life that you have always dreamed of then this course is for you! This 7 session course will break down each step that you need to take in order to become truly prosperous. You deserve to have the life that you always wanted but never thought you could have – until now!


Don’t waste any more time living a mediocre life; sign up for this prosperity course “You too can get rich” now and take control of your life once and for all!


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