What is Prosperity?


Prosperity is considered a state in which one is thriving, flourishing and has found a combination of success or good fortune. Those whom have various degrees of independent wealth, occupied by health and happiness are also considered to have prosperity. In some cultures and religions, prosperity is associated with greed as well as spirituality and collectivism.  There are various points of views on how prosperity is measured and described. One theory is that economic growth is one factor that is used to measure prosperity. Others such as the Rocky Mountain Institute have been documented as having an alternate point of view. Their argument is that prosperity does not require growth. Their belief is that many of the problems that we face are from a result of growth. In order for one to receive a sustainable development, the idea that prosperity requires growth must no longer existence in your mind. 


Prosperity is known to play a role in the business world as well. The business cycle is a report of the economic activity throughout an extended period of time, including any fluctuations. The business cycle consists of three stages. In addition to prosperity the business cycle also reflects recession and recovery stages. It is debated on when is the beginning and ending of each stage. Some also recognize a fourth stage which is called depression. When referring to prosperity in the business cycle, it it described as a low level of employment. It is also stated that during a time in which the economy is prosperous, there is a high demand from consumers which increases the level of production and an increase of purchases made by the consumer. Another prosperity characteristic is extreme high levels of inflation.  


How to Achieve Prosperity?


1) Work on finding peace and prosperity for everyone, not just for yourself.

2) Everyday, attempt to perform at least one act to benefit and help those around you.

3) Rid yourself of negative feelings such as hate, envy, fear and doubt, and replace those feelings with feelings of love, devotion, peace and tranquility.

4) Don’t worry about the little things

5) Smile

6) Practice daily meditation

7) Show humility. No one knows everything. Be open to gain from other people knowledge and life experiences.

8) Be grateful for all that you have.


Many people do not live prosperous lives because they simply do not know what they really want in life. Be clear on what you want in life and then come up with a plan on how you will achieve what you want. A lot of times people will say that they want something in life but do not take action to achieve those goals. To live a prosperous life you must have faith that you will receive what you desire the most and the courage to take the steps to work towards your ultimate goal. Once you have decided to live a life full of prosperity, you have to be committed to reconditioning your actions and thought process.



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  1. Your books & messages with true life stories have inspired me to where I am today in life. Your books is spiritual & physically touching. You are a role model to many, especially women.
    I pray we continue to have you touching our life’s spiritually & physically.

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